A CBE for our founder and CEO 12th June 2016

Our warmest congratulations go to our Founder and Director, Dr Tony Sewell, who has been awarded a CBE in recognition of his services to education. The citation includes Generating Genius and Tony’s membership of the London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) advisory group.

Tony says: ‘This is a fantastic honour not just for me but also for the talented young people I have worked with over the years. When I set up Generating Genius 11 years ago I never dreamed it would grow into the organisation it is today, supporting hundreds of students.’

He added: ‘It’s good to see increasing support among policy makers and academics for our early-intervention model, which supports children right through secondary school. It’s so important to get into children’s lives early. That’s the time to challenge expectations and embed the idea that these youngsters can achieve anything they want. We ask a lot of our students, but they invariably deliver.’

But he warned that despite the best efforts of Generating Genius and similar organisations, far too little has changed in terms of the life chances of young people from disadvantaged homes. Only 3 percent of disadvantaged 18-year-olds enter ‘high tariff’ universities (such as the Russell Group) compared with 21 percent of those from the most advantaged backgrounds. ‘Progress is too slow, and too much money is being spent on outreach schemes that aren’t delivering,’ he warned.

As evidenced in our panel event on 9th June ‘Attracting the leaders of tomorrow’ business, third sector organisations and young people agree that long term, sustainable solutions are needed. Early intervention and the development of sustained connections with young people; creating strong relationships, positive role models and a nurturing, supportive environment are all key to success.

Tony added; ‘At Generating Genius we are taking students from classroom to boardroom. We are excited to see Generating Genius alumni begin to emerge from university and settle into prestigious careers. For us, education is a life cycle; these young people are now working with us to bring on the next generation. That’s how you embed really profound change in the lives of young people who may face huge challenges in their family lives. Our alumni are amazing role models for the next generation.’

Generating Genius is excited by the new relationships we are building with both corporate and educational institutions to help tackle this ongoing challenge. If you would like to be a part of making change happen, get in touch – we’d be delighted to hear from you: tony@generatinggenius.org.uk