Generating Genius Hosts its first STEM networking event 13th December 2016


The Generating Genius STEM Networking Event took place last week, on the 8th of December, at the Buzzacott LLP offices in the City of London. The event brought together 26 students and 9 STEM Ambassadors from various industries, in a speed networking session aimed at providing real insights about potential careers which require STEM skills.

Generating Genius students met with STEM Ambassadors from a range of industries, including civil, aerospace and geotechnical design engineers, patent attorneys and lab researchers.

The evening began with a brief introduction to networking, helping students prepare to meet the STEM Ambassadors. This was followed by 4 speed networking sessions in small groups, where students also had the chance to find out how science & maths skills are applied to many professions. This was followed by an informal networking session, which many students enjoyed, as it offered them the chance to talk with ambassadors on a one-to-one basis and got to ask questions about their own future career plans.

For many of the students, it was a new, but very enriching experience. In addition to information about potential career sectors of their interest, discussions also covered the process of getting into a certain industry or job, a topic that many students found extremely interesting and engaging.


“I enjoyed talking to professionals and learning how they got to do their jobs.”

“I liked talking to successful people and seeing what paths people have taken to become successful.”

“I enjoyed talking to ambassadors who were involved in law and physics, as they had very good information to provide me with.”


The STEM Ambassadors also thoroughly enjoyed the event and its format. They were impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and expressed further interest in taking part in similar events, as well as with the wider aims of Generating Genius.


“The students were great, some very engaging questions and discussions. I really enjoyed the informal networking session at the end, I think that’s a ‘skill’ that is neglected throughout the entire academic system, I’m sure I still picked up some valuable tips myself.”

Alex, a Civil Engineer

“I think the format worked really well and gave the students an opportunity to hear from lots of different ambassadors without giving them a chance to get bored! I thought all of the students were really engaged and interested, and had some really great questions for me. It would definitely be an event I would be happy to help at again.”

Emma, a Research Technician in Surgical Science

“The division of the event between rotation-style and free-mixing was ideal. Thank you for arranging such a well-organised event.”

Khalid , a Geotechnical Design Engineer

The event successfully engaged everyone in attendance, and it seems like both students and ambassadors had numerous things to discuss and learn from each other. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we’ve had, we are now considering organising similar networking events in the future. Many thanks to STEM Learning UK for helping us to connect with the STEM Ambassadors network.

Please continue to follow our news stories and social media for more information on future events.