‘Mystery Specimens’ at the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology 10th February 2017

On Friday 3rd February 2017,  Junior Genius students in Year 11 were invited to take part in a hands-on after school workshop at the University College London (UCL) Grant Museum of Zoology.

The students were able to handle a range of real zoological specimens from the museum’s historic collection and took on a challenge normally given to 1st year undergraduate students at UCL.

Grant Museum 2

Students from Greig City Academy, Kingsford Community School and Lambeth Academy worked together to identify their ‘mystery specimen’ using evidence from the museum and going through the scientific process. They also heard more about how UCL researchers and other scientists use museum collections to learn more about nature.

Grant Museum dolphin

” From our first observation we pictured it as an underwater (marine) animal. We then decided it may be a reptile, based on the teeth. When we started looking at the mammals section we were able to find animals with long snouts, we saw it was a dolphin skull”

Ayse & Tasnimah
 Grant Museum Horse

“Looking at the other specimens, we found out that ours was a horse skull, because it shared characteristics like flat teeth (molars to chew grasses). This meant it must be a true herbivore because it did not have any canines.” 

Gloria & Danielle