STEM in Action Day at Salesforce Tower 23rd February 2017

Generating Genius kicked off the half-term week with a STEM in Action Day hosted by Salesforce, one of the world’s leading technology companies.

The day started with an interactive crime scene investigation, designed to get students thinking about the application of the scientific thinking process. Students gathered evidence and formulated hypotheses to help solve the case of the missing computer chip.

“I enjoyed being able to explore different areas where science is applied.”

Sasha and students by Gherkin
A debate followed to consider the impact and potential risks of ‘Big Data’ in medicine. Students responded to the question: “Should we sequence the genomes of one million people, to find out more about living longer and healthier? “, drawing from several sources of information and thinking about issues such as privacy & confidentiality, ethics and the costs of such an ambitious programme. They represented opposing views from many voices across society, stepping into character as scientists, politicians, social workers and even a poet.

“Loved it. Enjoyed everything about today!”

In the afternoon, students took part in a short ‘People Like Me’ session, to help them engage with a range of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that might suit them. After taking a short quiz to learn more about their personal traits and aptitudes, they were able to match-up with roles where individuals with similar personalities are happy and successful. Staff from various departments in the Salesforce team were on hand to talk to small groups about their roles in the business, and how science and maths and other skills are useful in their work.

“I believe the workshop was very informative, fun and entertaining. The activities environment and presentations were stimulating. Great Job! Thank You!”

Many thanks to the team at Salesforce and volunteers from across the business for making the day possible.