Unsolved puzzles & more with Think Maths 23rd February 2017

Our Junior Genius students were put to the test this half-term, at an interactive STEM in Action day, led by Dr Katie Steckles from Think Maths , sponsored by a generous education grant from the London Mathematical Society and The Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications.

The day began with a challenging introduction to some of the greatest puzzles and ideas in maths, including a closer look at The Four Colour Theorum.

Teams of students worked together to construct their own logic gates and learnt how computers actually do maths. Katie then challenged everyone to create a ‘Domino Computer’. With a few attempts, several teams managed to use their creations to solve some maths problems.

“I was able to hear about a different aspect of Maths which we don’t learn about at school.”

Domino concentration plain edit

“It was very cool. Mind Blown!”

To finish the day, they  heard all about the mysterious concepts of fractals, never ending patterns which are infinitely complex and self-similar across different scales. They saw how fractals have been found to exist in nature, film & TV graphics and had a go at making their very own Sierpinski tetrahedron. You can try making your own here. 

“The workshop was interesting, allowing me to understand how STEM based subjects are used in real life.”

From the Koch’s Curve, to the world’s largest Menger Sponge, to 3D fractals, it was a fascinating talk which piqued students’ curiosity.

We look forward to having more STEM in Action: Maths workshops in future, please follow @GeneratingGTeam on Twitter and Generating Genius on Facebook for more on our latest events.

We also thank the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications for their support.

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