Spotlight on Science with Mundipharma & Babraham Institute Cambridge 24th July 2017

Thanks to our relationship with Real Staffing – part of SThree, who support our Future Talent programme, we were able to organise for some of our students to head to the city of Cambridge to explore a range of careers in science, from pharmaceutical production, to PhDs in biomedicine.

At the famous Cambridge Science Park students had a guided tour of the Mundipharma International Ltd. factory and laboratories where prescription medicines are produced and then distributed to over 23 different countries. After preparing with full head-to-toe safety coverings, the group was well prepared to watch and learn from the experts.

“The factory & lab tour was really interesting and I learnt a lot about drug production (which i knew nothing about initially).”

The tour gave students an overview of entire process of making medicines, from sourcing the ingredients, to mixing, producing capsules, packaging and quality control testing. Along the way, students met with staff and research students at Mundipharma, to learn about the wide range of roles available in the pharmaceutical industry and see the science in action.

GenGen NAP tour gowned

“I enjoyed the tour as it enabled me to gain a deeper insight  into the different science careers available. I was able to see science in action up close which I thought was really useful.”

After a brief lunch, the group was able to head to the Babraham Institute, where they met with PhD students and staff working in key areas of life science research. After a quick look around the extensive laboratories and facilities on the estate, our year 12s spent time with PhD students to learn about their own journey into scientific careers.


“It was very exciting at the Babraham Institute. It showed us the many cool parts of science and talking with the PhD students was very informative.”

This visit proved extremely useful for those in the group who are seriously considering applying to study Biomedicine, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in the autumn. In a lively and informal session, they took the opportunity to find out much more about university life, studying away from London and the transition from university to PhD research.

“Speaking to the PhD students really helped me understand what university is like and that I should keep my options open. They also reminded me that nothing is stopping me from getting really good grades, i just need to work hard.”


Generating Genius hopes to arrange more visits to the Cambridge Science Park and associated STEM organisations in the coming academic year.

We’d like to thank Real Staffing, the Science Ambassadors, Mundipharma International Ltd, Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and The Babraham Institute for helping us to arrange this exciting visit.


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