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Distinguished education academic and social commentator Dr Tony Sewell founded Generating Genius in 2005. His vision was to work with high-achieving students from disadvantaged communities throughout their secondary school careers to help them acquire the skills they need to win places at top universities. Generating Genius alumni, now undergraduates, in turn become mentors to course participants, feeding their experience back into the programmes.

‘The programmes we offer are intended to be challenging,’ says Dr Sewell. ‘The students are expected to maintain a high standard of self-discipline, behaviour and academic performance. ‘We do not believe in prizes for all. Whilst one can learn from the experience of the journey, ultimately there is often only one winner.

‘By bringing together academically talented students from some of the most challenging social circumstances, our programmes are able to offer a unique educational experience, one geared both to the students’ high abilities and to their need for peers who share their academic abilities and their love of learning.

‘This is a nurturing programme where students have a sense that they are on a journey from 11 to 18. This rites-of-passage programme is based on intellectual and social challenges. They learn that poverty, race and gender are not barriers to academic success.’

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